Curtis Dean Harrier


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Curtis Dean Harrier is an human behavior specialist, dedicated to assisting individuals in unleashing their true potential. Curtis has a diverse background, with a cross discipline of multiple studies, including the mind body connection, a knowing of how the brain is designed and functions, and how human behavior actually works. Curtis works with clients from around the world on a full spectrum of issues, assisting them in breaking through their emotional troubles, fears, and life's most challenging experiences. Resulting in unleashing their leader and becoming the director of their script. Curtis also teaches his clients insights and practical tools that assist them in every day living, so they can have greater resilience to life’s challenges, and have a greater understanding of the life experience’s they are creating.

Business consulting and coaching is focused on awakening your inner captain. Curtis' experience comes from consulting and coaching Doctors, entrepreneurs, artist, and tech leaders, primarily around helping them take command of their life and assisting them in creating million dollar habits so they can live life from their vantage point. Curtis is known as the leadership activator, igniting his clients to live a life inner directed while increasing their profits.  

Curtis specializes in both private life and private sectors, and generates solutions that work for both one-on-one, families, couples, and businesses.

Curtis assists his clients in: 

-Discovering their true values and aligning them to their calling in maximizing potential and leadership.    

-Relationship challenges with others and self. 

-Strategically planing their calling.     

-Fears, depression, and anxiety. 

-Career transitions.  

-Integrating traumatic events. 

-Alcohol and drug addictions.

-Empowering the 7 areas of life. 

Business consulting specialties include:

 -Maximizing employee engagement.
-Activating leadership.
-Enhancing communication skills with staff and customers.
-Executive coaching & consulting.